Sinéad Moriarty and Sean Lacey

In the final episode of the current series of Inflammation Nation, award-winning novelist, Sinéad Moriarty, and IT contractor, Sean Lacey, speak with Brian Lynch about being newly diagnosed with arthritis. Sinéad was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2015 and shared her experience in the book, My RA Story. Sean was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in early 2020 during the first phase of the Covid pandemic. The conversation explores issues like coming to terms with the diagnosis; its impact on work, relationships; managing flares; and what they have found to helped in the journey.

Also in this episode, Peter Boyd speaks with paediatric rheumatologist, Dr Emma MacDermott, about how arthritis affects children and young people; highlighting that it is not just an 'old person's disease'. Niamh Hogan travelled to Portlaoise to gauge the views of people there on the issue.

Download the episode transcription here.

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