We understand the importance of trust and acting with the utmost integrity. We are responsible, accountable and operate to the highest governing standards. We are committed to transparency and are honest and clear about what we do, what we don't do and why.

How we raised money

In 2019, we had income of €986,870. Our main sources of income include:

  • HSE: €177,108
  • Department of Rural and Community Development: €70,423
  • Corporate sponsorship: €200,680
  • Fundraising: €209,684
  • Donations and legacies: €77,204
  • Other income: €251,771

Income pie chart 2019

How we spent money

In 2019, we invested €423,495 in research, one-third of total expenditure. Over €540,000 was spent on delivering community support services, education and information programmes, and awareness and advocacy initiatives. Of every €1 that we spent in 2018, €0.10 was invested in generating funds.

Expenditure pie chart 2019

You can download our annual accounts for the past several years below.

Annual report 2019

Annual accounts 2019

Annual accounts 2018

Annual accounts 2017

Annual accounts 2016

Annual accounts 2015