Please note ALL classes are currently postponed until further notice.

Be Active with Arthritis is an Adapted Exercise Programme developed by Arthritis Ireland and the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. This is a one hour class held over 6 weeks directed by a chartered physiotherapist. There are two different types of courses that we provide, the first is indoor and the other is pool based. Places on the indoor course is limited to a maximum of 12 people per class depending on the venue. Places on our hydrotheraphy or pool based courses depend on the size of the facility.

See below on how to book onto one of our 6 week adapted exercise course led by a physiotherapist. 

Pre-booking absolutely essential. Payment must be made in advance of the 1st class.

Indoor Exercise Programme:

This programme will help to reduce pain and stiffness and maintain or improve mobility, muscle strength and functional ability.

Two essential components to the programme will be included in every session:

  • Exercise — including range-of-motion and stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, balance and coordination activities, and endurance routines.
  •  Relaxation Activities — introducing and practicing various stress management techniques which are helpful for stress and pain reduction

Water Exercise Programme:

The adapted water exercise programme will provide a comfortable and effective way to exercise with arthritis because the joints and muscles are supported in water. 


  •  Water buoyancy greatly reduces pressure on the joints
  •  Relieves pain, assists movement and enables exercise that can otherwise be difficult
  •  Helps halt the progression of arthritis
  •  Social contact at classes allows people to meet others with similar problems – reducing depression and social isolation.

Programme Information:

Regular exercise is proven to be one of the most effective treatments for arthritis. It reduces pain, keeps joints moving, restores flexibility and strength and protects joints against further damage. However, only 30% of the 915,000 people in Ireland with arthritis get enough exercise as overcoming fears about exercise can be very difficult – especially when in pain.

To attend these classes, participants will have to be independently mobile and a basic general health screening will be performed in advance of the class.

Participants are not advised to attend these classes if they have the following:

  • Poor balance
  • Unable to follow commands clearly
  • Poor water confidence (for pool based classes)
  • People with active inflammation

Fee - €36 for 6 classes. Payments to made in advance of the class

To enquire about Be Active with Arthritis courses in your area please email [email protected] 

Please note ALL classes are currently postponed until further notice.

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