Welcome to the second series of Inflammation Nation. This series is presented by Arthritis Ireland CEO Gráinne O'Leary and Peter Boyd, Services Support Officer.

In this series of Inflammation Nation, we’re speaking to a broad range of experts in the field of rheumatology, gerontology, dietetics and research as well as patients who live with arthritis and want to share their experience and knowledge of how to manage the day to day challenges that living with a chronic condition can present. 

Over the course of eight episodes, you’re going to hear from people who are helping to create a brighter, better world for people with arthritis. That’s our vision at Arthritis Ireland: A better world for people living with arthritis today and a world without arthritis tomorrow.

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Episode 1: New Horizons for Osteoarthritis Patients

In this episode, Gráinne O’Leary meets Professor Frank Barry, to discuss a promising ongoing cell therapy trial for osteoarthritis. Professor Barry talks about his motivation for the trial which is driven by the significant impact on the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients and the lack of disease modifying treatments. He discusses how cell therapy has the potential to treat patients, eliciting a repair response, the different stages of the trial and the challenge of ensuring that the potential treatment is affordable and accessible to patients.

Download the episode podcast transcript here.

Episode 2: Gout - Stigma and Solutions 

In this episode, Professor Geraldine McCarthy explains to Peter Boyd what happens with a gout attack, why this happens and how gout is treated. The stigma associated with gout, and the misconception that eating and drinking too much can cause gout, means that some people are embarrassed to seek treatment. Professor McCarthy explains that gout is also linked to higher mortality, associated with heart attacks and stroke and that it should be taken seriously and managed carefully.

Download the episode transcript here

Episode 3: Planning a Family and Pregnancy with Arthritis

In this episode, Gráinne O’Leary meets Professor Douglas Veale and advanced nurse practitioner, Louise Moore to discuss the challenges and considerations that prospective parents need to consider when planning a pregnancy. The interview also includes advice regarding fertility, the role of medication, how to maintain health before, during and after pregnancy and remission during pregnancy.

Download the episode podcast transcript here.

Episode 4: A Day in the Life of a Researcher 

In this episode, Dr. Mary Canavan and Dr. Viviana Marzaioli lift the lid on the mystery surrounding those working as researchers, what inspired their interest in research and the paths that they took to get where they are today. They also discuss their ambitions to make a positive impact on those who have arthritis, the collaborative nature of their work and how the enthusiasm and passion of their colleagues makes their work enjoyable and rewarding.

Download the episode podcast transcript here

Episode 5: Ageing Well with Arthritis 

Professor Rose Anne Kenny meets Gráinne O’Leary in this episode, dispelling the myth that genetics play the strongest role in ageing. Professor Kenny discusses how to mitigate the negative consequences of ageing, the importance of social engagement, laughing and having colour, both on your plate and in your life. The interview also includes advice on how to maintain physical health while ageing with arthritis, including how to improve balance and avoid falls as we get older.

Download the episode podcast transcript here.

Episode 6: Outsmarting Arthritis 

Peter Boyd meets Arthritis Ireland Helpline volunteer Anna O’Laoghaire and Senior Occupational Therapist Jane Brownlee to discuss ways in which those with a chronic condition can navigate pain and fatigue while managing everyday tasks and the expectations of family, friends and colleagues. Anna also discusses her phone theory, a practical insight into the day-to-day challenges of managing unpredictable energy levels when dealing with a chronic condition.

Download the episode podcast transcript here.

Download Anna O'Laoghaire's Phone Theory Here 

Episode 7: What to eat for arthritis 

In this episode of Inflammation Nation, Peter Boyd meets dietitian and Communications Manager at the INDI, Louise Reynolds. They discuss the importance of getting trustworthy, evidence-based advice from a registered dietitian. They also examine how to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into everyday life, the pitfalls of excluding food groups from your diet and tips and tricks for planning and cooking when experiencing a flare, pain or fatigue.

Download the episode podcast transcript here.

Episode 8: Rheumatology - Past, Present and Future 

In this episode of Inflammation Nation, Gráinne O’Leary meets Professor Gaye Cunnane where they discuss her journey of documenting the progress of rheumatology in Ireland. Gaye also discusses her inspiration and love for rheumatology, the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and how developments in rheumatology have made significant changes to outcomes for those living with arthritis.

Download the episode podcast transcript here.

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