Prof Gerry Wilson and Prof Ursula Fearon

Prof Gerry Wilson and Prof Ursula Fearon talk to Gráinne O’Leary about some of the developments taking place in rheumatology research in Ireland and internationally. Prof Wilson and Prof Fearon hold the Arthritis Ireland chairs in rheumatology at UCD and TCD, respectively. They discuss what this investment has meant for arthritis research and for people living with arthritis, including ground-breaking research into Down-syndrome associated arthritis. They also explore the importance of public and patient involvement (PPI) in research, developments in personalised medication, and risk factors for the development of arthritis.

Also in this episode, Peter Boyd explores if cracking your knuckles can cause or is bad for your arthritis. He talks to physiotherapist Ciara Mooney, while Niamh Hogan spoke to the people of south Dublin to get their views on the subject.

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