“Sometimes our disease makes us feel that we’ve no control,” says course attendee, Margaret, “But, through these courses, you learn that there are some things that you can actually control, such as your emotions or your perspective on things."  

“Although it’s true that there’s a lot that you already may know about self-management, sometimes you simply get out of the habit. The course gets you to focus on what you can do for yourself once more. That then lifts you out of the rut of simply focusing on the pain and you start to see things more positively."

“Also, you get to enjoy the support of one another in the group, including the shared experiences. You end up chatting about really practical things, such as how to prepare to meet with your consultant and information around your medications, or meditation and relaxation." 

“They can be very simple things, but they can make life a lot easier. The courses are very empowering. I come away feeling like I’m in the driving seat again, and that truly makes a huge difference in all aspects of my life.”