A six-week mental health programme for adults under 50 living with arthritis and related conditions hosted by Young Arthritis Network

We understand that arthritis is more than pain. It can have a huge impact on all aspects of your life and affect everything from your family and relationships to day-to-day life at college or work. You may be experiencing low mood, trouble relaxing, low energy or sleep disturbances. Ongoing physical symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue and disturbed sleep can cause distress which often leads to stress, anxiety and depression. When arthritis, anxiety and depression coexist, a person’s ability to function in everyday life is often impaired.

Managing your mental health is an essential part of an arthritis treatment plan. We believe supporting the emotional aspects of this disease is just as important as the physical aspects. Behind The Pain is a new six-week programme for adults under 50 that will explore the emotional relationship and reactions to living with arthritis. The programme evolved from the discussion group sessions at our 2017 and 2018 National Conference. Delegates were given the opportunity to speak safely about a range of topics and emotions in a confidential forum that was led by qualified psychotherapists.

The course will take place over a six-week period in weekly two-hour sessions. Each group will have eight participants and is led by an IACP psychotherapist and co-facilitator.

The structure of this course allows you to connect with other people living with arthritis in a confidential forum to explore your thoughts and emotions under professional guidance. Discussion topics will include:

  • coping with an invisible illness
  • the grief cycle
  • dealing with fatigue
  • asking for help.

In each session we will provide a range of self-care tools and strategies for taking care of your mental well-being.