I am choosing to walk/run the virtual Vhi Mini Marathon with team Arthritis Ireland to raise much needed funds. I am diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis over 20 years and it has affected my mobility in a number of ways. Due to this I have severe lower spine damage affecting the lower discs (which cant be fixed as osteoarthritis has set in this area) and Sacroiliac pain at all times which is like grating a carrot with each step you take. Its a life long condition that will only get worse with age unless some magic is performed and a cure is found. What strikes me is the amount of people that are suffering, some for no reason at all due to the crazy waiting times to attend rheumatology clinics and also how young the patients are getting. I was 15 when I finally got a diagnosis but that was after years of pain but no proper treatments at the time. Thank god times have improved the system but many still need help and I know ill definitely need more help, advice and support as the years go on.

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about Arthritis Ireland below.

To ensure that every person living with arthritis in Ireland is supported to live a full and active life, having access to appropriate health services and treatments. We work to ensure an enhanced quality of life for people living with arthritis, minimising the devastating effects that arthritis can have on lives.

Nicola Traynor