Whether you run, walk, cycle or skip, join us as we collectively do 100KM in ONE WEEK to raise funds and awareness of Arthritis Ireland, to support all the amazing work they do for people living with a form of arthritis.

Why arthritis Ireland?
Well I was diagnosed with Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) at 2yrs old. I suffer from chronic pain, joint deterioration resulting in several joint replacements, the most recent of which was a shoulder replacement in may 2021, not long after my youngest son was born.
Arthritis Ireland have been a great support to me and my family.
Many of the services they offer include - pain management courses, not only for people suffering from arthritis but also for those living in chronic pain. I am really proud to be a leader on one of the courses. They also offer a support phone line and host conferences to the public which raises awareness along with educating people and medical profession on the reality's of living with arthritis. They also offer a great support network for the families who have younger children who suffer from JIA.
Despite my condition I lead a full, happy life. I am married, with two beautiful boys, I also work as a clerical officer. Arthritis Ireland has really helped me lead a fulfilling life. I would encourage anyone who is affected by any form of arthritis at any age, to reach out to Arthritis Ireland for support.

Anna Nolan Pang