Arthritis is one of the Ireland's largest causes of disability with symptoms ranging from the very mild to the severely debilitating. In many cases, arthritis pain and immobility prevents people from doing even the most basic of every day tasks. 

A father who can no longer work to support his family with knees and hips rendered immobile. A mother who cannot pick up her child because her wrists and elbows no longer function. A child who cannot go to school or play with friends due to the unbearable pain and inflammation of her joints. 

When you fundraise for Arthritis Ireland by taking part in a challengeorganising your own event or taking part in one of the events or campaigns we organise, you are helping ensure that people like those described above can access the support, help and information they need to manage their arthritis more effectively and have as normal a life as possible. 

What will you do to raise funds for Arthritis Ireland? 

Remember, it doesn't matter how much you raise. Lots of people raising small amounts creates a BIG impact!

 If you would like to find out more about fundraising in aid of people with arthritis you can register your interest here and our team will be in touch shortly.



To receive your fundraising pack today, contact us on 01-647 0209 or email us at with your name, contact details, the event you are taking part in and why you are supporting Arthritis Ireland. 



Fundraising Resource Guide cover To help you with your fundraising effort, we have developed a fundraising resource guide, which you can download here.