Walk the Camino with Arthritis Ireland: 11-18 May 2019

"A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step", as we are reminded by John O'Flynn - Arthritis Ireland's President. That ancient proverb kept John going, as he lead the first ever group of Arthritis Ireland volunteers on the final stage of the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain, to the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in 2017.

Arthritis Ireland President, John O'Flynn (centre), pictured with Svetlana Kushnirenko, Shane Downer, Mark Folens (Follow the Camino), Roisin Whelan and Bronwen Maher

Arthritis Ireland is committed to encouraging and supporting people living with arthritis to take control of their condition, and to live as active a life as possible. We promote the importance of, and provide education and tools enabling, self-management. A crucial part of being a good self-manager is taking regular exercise. As well as reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis, being active improves joint support and lubrication, helps with weight control and has many other health benefits.

We also know it is not always easy to get active, especially when you have arthritis. Therefore, we promote and support walking groups and other activity-based groups across the country.

In May 2019, John will return to Spain to walk the Camino again, in doing so promoting awareness of arthritis and the possibilities for those living with the condition. Arthritis Ireland will be seeking volunteers, representing each branch, who wish to increase their activity and mobility levels, to prove that arthritis is not a barrier to a full and active live, and to join John on the Arthritis Ireland 2019Camino. This will provide a rare opportunity to participate in a special adventure, to make new connections and to discover more about oneself, as a person and as one living with arthritis. As John notes about this year's walk:

"Everyone in the group was very good to me. They never left me on my own and helped me to push on. We had lovely conversations along the way and I learned a lot about people. I also learned that my experience with arthritis paled in significance compared to what some other people were doing."

Does such a walking challenge interest you? Will you Walk the Walk? Will you join the Camino in support of Arthritis Ireland?

For more information, and to express your interest, contact John O'Flynn by email or on 086 811 8489. To read more about the Camino, please click here.

Arthritis Ireland 2019 Camino Itinerary (with Follow the Camino)

Camino Programme & Preparation Guide

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Buen Camino!