Annual research lecture - 14 October 2017


You are cordially invited to a special lecture by Arthritis Ireland’s principal researchers, Prof. Gerry Wilson, Prof. Ursula Fearon and Dr Charlene Foley on their "Plans for life-changing research”.

The past 12 months have seen our quest to find a cure continue at pace. Our investment is already producing groundbreaking results and we want to share our updates and future plans with you!

Prof. Gerry Wilson






Prof. Gerry Wilson, Chair of Rheumatology, is part of Ireland's leading rheumatology group comprising seven existing consultant rheumatologists based Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St Vincent's University Hospital. Head of the UCD Centre for Arthritis Research, Prof Wilson's research interests include the genetic background of rheumatoid arthritis. He is currently undertaking research into the mechanisms linking the protein C5orf30 with tissue damage in RA, which is funded by Arthritis Ireland and the Health Research Board.


Prof Ursula Fearon






Prof. Ursula Fearon, Chair of Molecular Rheumatology, TCD, is an international leader in translational rheumatology with a focus on preclinical development of biotherapeutics for the early treatment of arthritis and systemic rheumatic diseases. Prof. Fearon’s research is a bench-beside translational approach, focusing on understanding the underlying mechanisms that drive disease pathogenesis; her team specifically examines components of joint inflammation at a cellular and molecular level to dissect the signalling and gene pathways that are disturbed in patients who have inflammatory arthritis and rheumatic diseases.


Dr Charlene Foley

Dr Charlene Foley, clinical research fellow UCD, is undertaking groundbreaking research into children with Down syndrome who have juvenile arthritis. Her research has highlighted that children with Down syndrome are 18-21 times more likely to suffer from the debilitating disease than children without Down syndrome. The first of its kind worldwide, the study is now being expanded to define what might be driving the disease.

To hear more about their pioneering work, why not come to the information talk and questions & answers session on Saturday 14 October at 12 noon at the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, Lloyd Institute (aka Lloyd Building), TCD, Dublin 2.

Admission is FREE.






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