Edgar Stene Prize 2019


My ideal employer - work without barriers for people with RMDs

We all want to live life independently and to the fullest; and work is an important part of that. However, work can be a challenge for people living with rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease (RMDs), whether that is paid work, voluntary work or looking after a family and household.

The theme of this year's Edgar Stene Prize is 'My ideal employer - work without barriers for people with RMDs'.

We want to hear from you about what measures, aids and employer attitudes can support people with RMDs to be able to work in your dream job or look after a family. What might your employer do to make your work more accessible and manageable? We want to hear your best practice examples. It needn't just be about your employer, however, you can also write about an organisation or institution you volunteer. If you're not currently employed, tell us about your ideal workplace.

Participants are invited to submit an essay not exceeding 2 pages (A4) to Arthritis Ireland by 5pm, 31 December 2018. One essay will be chosen by an Arthritis Ireland jury to represent Ireland at a European level. Essays can be submitted by email to communications@arthritisireland.ie

The Edgar Stene Prize competition is open to people with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease (minimum 18 years of age). 

A EULAR jury will select the 2019 Stene Prize winner, which will be announced by 15 March 2019. The jury’s decision is incontestable. Information about the 2019 EULAR jury will be posted in the coming months on www.eular.org.

The Stene Prize winner will be invited to attend the opening plenary session of the EULAR Congress in Madrid and will be awarded a prize of €1,000. EULAR provides the winner with travel to Madrid and hotel accommodation for up to 4 nights as well as with an invitation to the EULAR Congress gala dinner. The second ranking essay will be awarded €700 and the third ranking essay €300.


Entries submitted must contain the following information:


About the Edgar Stene Prize

The object of the Edgar Stene Prize is to stimulate the interest of people with RMDs in the work of EULAR and especially in the work of their national organisation. It was established in honour of the memory of the late Edgar Stene, who himself had severe ankylosing spondylitis. He was a great promoter of cooperation between doctors, patients and community workers.

The prize is awarded annually to the best essay submitted by a person with an RMD describing their individual experience with living with this disease.