Mam, Hows the pain today?

Máire remembers all the times she asked her mam how she was feeling, how her pain was? She lived with arthritis, trying not to let it define her.

But Máire saw how the pain gradually ate away at all the little things her mam enjoyed. How she loved to play with the children, and then the grandchildren, to be involved. To join in walking, dancing, and in the earlier days, even picking up a racket for a game of tennis.

Máire’s mam used to say that the pain was useful. That it let her know something was wrong. But over time, that usefulness vanished. It just became pain, chronic pain. It let her know there was something wrong. But she knew that anyway. She had a name for it by then, arthritis.

When she couldn’t hold the racket properly, or swing enough, she still used to watch. She would be there calling out, joining in the cheers. Eventually though she couldn’t make it outside, or couldn’t get comfortable sitting for a while. Or the car journey to someone’s house was too much. The pain too great.

“Máire wants to fight back.”

It’s coming for Máire too. She can feel it. So Máire and her mam reached out to Arthritis Ireland. Máire’s mam joined our Living Well with Arthritis programme, and learned about managing the constant pain. She learned how to do things, everyday things, and how to live well with arthritis. So together, they’re fighting arthritis.