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Working on a Cure (Chairs of Rheumatology)

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"If we can predict when a patient presents with rheumatoid (arthritis), the likely severity of the disease, then we can work at preventing it." - Prof. Gerry Wilson, Arthritis Ireland Chair of Rheumatology

Investing in research to find new treatments and ultimately a cure for arthritis is one of our key objectives. Thanks to sponsor investment, marathon runs, cake sales, coffee mornings and many other fundraisers organised by the arthritis community, €2.5m has been raised to establish two centres of research in rheumatology in Ireland.

Prof. Gerry Wilson was recently appointed to take charge of Arthritis Ireland's new centre of rheumatology research and education in UCD.

There he will continue his research into the genetic origins of rheumatoid arthritis with the aim of making a permanent change for people living with arthritis.

Working on a Cure was his inaugural lecture on his plans for life-changing research in rheumatology in Ireland. You can view the full recordinf of this lecture above or watch the highlights here. Slides from Prof. Wilson's lecture are also available here. Finally, to read Prof. Wilson's in-depth interview in Arthritis Ireland's Big News Magazine, please click here.

We are committed to continuing our investment in arthritis research. Having established Prof. Wilson's post in UCD, we are close to realising a second world-class centre in Trinity College and plans are afoot for further centres throughout the country,


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