Peter Boyd (aged 30)

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Peter Boyd was 27 when he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. An invisible illness of chronic pain, fatigue and stiffness, it was a difficult condition to come to terms with. Since then, he has also been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

“For a long time I felt trapped by my physical symptoms and beaten down by the emotional onslaught. It’s been said that ‘in space no one can hear you scream’. Well, confronted by fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, no matter how hard I screamed no one saw, understood or heard the pain, fatigue and exhaustion I was feeling.

This is where the support of the Living Well with Arthritis course stepped in to help me. This self-management course introduced me to others with the same problems and who were the same age as me. I was no longer so isolated and I had a massive support network to tap into. I learned how to manage my pain and deal with the negative feelings that accompany arthritis and fibromyalgia.

I have since gone on to become a self-management Leader so that I can pass on to others the skills that have helped me to manage my condition better.”

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