As fibromyalgia is a syndrome there is no known cure and it can be difficult to treat, especially at the beginning. However, there are various ways of successfully managing your symptoms. Your doctor, GP or rheumatologist, will be the primary source of treatment and will be able to suggest treatments and therapies to tackle specific aspects of the condition.

These may include drug treatments, but the physical and other therapies are just as important – if not more so for those living with fibromyalgia. If you decide to try these therapies or supplements, you should take note of whether or not they seem to help you. Base your decision to continue taking them on whether you notice any improvement.

Your doctor, GP or rheumatologist will also refer you to other health professionals including a psychologist, physiotherapist or occupational therapist as needed. Importantly, you will be required to play an active role in controlling your fibromyalgia, working closely with all your health professionals.

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