My Health Organiser

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‘My Health Organiser’ has been designed to help you play a more active role in your treatment by providing you with somewhere to store all of your health records in one place. Taking control and playing an active part in your treatment is an important element of managing your arthritis effectively. Things like making note of what your doctor has told you and preparing a list of questions you want to ask him in advance of your appointment can make a real difference to how you are treated and how you feel.

As well as a space for recording a diagnosis, treatment or advice your doctor gives you, there is also an appointment keeper, where you can make note of upcoming appointments, take notes on the pain you are feeling on a scale and a body outline to mark with an ‘X’ where the pain is located. These will help you to explain to your doctor the exact level of pain your are experiencing and its exact location.

Order your copy of 'My Health Organiser' for free today by emailing with your name, address and the type of arthritis that you have.

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