• 10 Steps to ease your pain
    10 Steps to ease your pain

Ease Your Pain

"It can be worse than walking barefoot on burning coals but there is a way to break the pain cycle of arthritis."

Sometimes it feels like there will be no end to the pain in your joints. Your body feels like it is on fire and even the most basic tasks, like getting dressed or picking up your child become impossible.

Every day thousands of people go through the same thing. But arthritis doesn't have to be a life sentence, there is lots that you can do - and we can help.

 In this video series, you will discover what others in similar circumstances to you are doing to break the cycle of arthritis pain so that they can once again live full and active lives.

You can do this too and you do not have to do it alone. Arthritis Ireland is here to support you along the way, to help you educate yourself about your disease and treatments, find tried and tested pain management techniques and learn to manage negative emotions. Learn more about how you can do this through self-management here.

All of this is only possible thanks to the committed work of our generous fundraisers and volunteers. People like you who are determined to ensure that nobody has to live with the pain of their arthritis alone. 

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