When a Teenager Has Arthritis

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If you are a young person with arthritis (aged 13–20), then this booklet is for you. It is based on discussions with young people about their specific needs and the questions they would like answers to. It was written by a group of people, including doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses, who regularly look after young people with arthritis.

Arthritis in young people is known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), the most common of which is juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. We have tried to answer the main questions which young people ask if they develop arthritis. Of course, a small booklet like this cannot cover everything. It will give you basic advice and, as mentioned above, direct you to other sources of help, including other organisations and other useful Arthritis Ireland booklets. A glossary at the back of the booklet explains technical and medical terms. 

In this booklet you will find:

  • Part 1 – About JIA: What is juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)? What causes JIA? 4Are all joint pains due to JIA? How is JIA diagnosed? What are the different types of JIA? What effects can JIA have on your body? How is JIA treated? Why do I need to be seen regularly in clinic? What happens to JIA in the long term?
  • Part 2 – About transition: About your general health, How can I get help? How does having arthritis affect transition? The changing relationship with your doctor, When should planning for transition start?
  • Part 3 – How to find out more: Benefits, Education and work, Driving and getting about, Some real-life stories, Glossary

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