When a Child has Arthritis

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When you are told that your child has arthritis you will probably have mixed feelings. You may feel relieved. At last somebody has put a name to the illness your child has been suffering from for weeks or months and finally treatment can begin. You may also feel worried about the future, not knowing how arthritis will affect your daughter or son as s/he grows up. You may feel angry or confused, wanting to know why your child should have an illness which most people think only happens to adults. Whatever you feel, you will probably have lots of questions.

This booklet aims to provide some answers about arthritis in children. It describes the different types of arthritis, like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, outlines the best treatment, and offers practical advice on living with the condition. The booklet concentrates mainly on children up to about 13 years. 

In this booklet you will find:

  • The basics
  • What are the different types of juvenile idiopathic arthritis?
  • How is juvenile idiopathic arthritis diagnosed?
  • How is juvenile idiopathic arthritis treated?
  • Living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Looking ahead

Download full booklet here

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