Understanding Arthritis

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Everybody has heard of arthritis, yet few people actually know much about what arthritis is or what fibromyalgia is. Arthritis affects about 915,000 people in Ireland – people of all ages can get it, and it accounts for one in three visits to a GP. It cannot be cured, but there is much you can do to help yourself and live a better quality of life.

Being diagnosed with arthritis can raise many concerns and questions. In this booklet you will find information about arthritis itself; the kinds of treatment that are available; ways of coping; how to get help; and how to develop your own skills to manage the condition. 

In this booklet you will find:

  • Introducing arthritis: About the condition
  • How arthritis will affect you: Explaining pain, immobility and how joints work
  • The different kinds of arthritis: Details about some types of arthritis
  • Treatment: Treatment options that might be appropriate for you
  • Making a difference yourself: The steps you can take to make life easier
  • Getting out and about: Information on transport, work and support
  • Feelings about arthritis: The emotions you may experience and what can help

Download full booklet here

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