Surgery and Arthritis

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Taking the decision to have any kind of surgery is no small matter. If you havearthritis, you may be considering surgery because the pain and mobility problems you experience are seriously affecting your independence and quality of life. There is a lot to weigh up and find out about before making the decision.

This booklet aims to give an overview of what is involved in having surgery for your arthritis. It contains information on preparing for surgery and the different types of procedures, as well as what to expect from life after surgery. 

In this booklet you will find:

  • Surgery and arthritis: Why people with arthritis have surgery and what the alternatives are
  • Weighing up the decision: The benefits and risks of surgery, How the system works, Referral, waiting times and the choices available to you
  • The types of surgery: Joint replacements and other types of surgery
  • Preparing for surgery and what to expect on the day: Practical steps you can take to prepare
  • Life after surgery: Recovery and returning home

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