Pregnancy and Arthritis

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Deciding to start a family is an exciting time in your life. However, when you have arthritis there may be extra challenges which are usually overcome. Your arthritis may affect your pregnancy and conversely, your pregnancy may affect your arthritis. Therefore, it is most important that you discuss family planning with your rheumatology team to ensure you have a safe conception, pregnancy and delivery. Sometimes it is necessary to stop or alter some of your medication, but your healthcare team will advise you on this. As every pregnancy is different a plan of care will be developed in partnership with your rheumatology and obstetric teams which will be specific for you.

This booklet provides you with practical and accessible information for planning a family if you have inflammatory arthritis. It takes you through issues such as fertility, the arthritis gene, medication, exercise, nutrition, stress management, as well as the various phases of the pregnancy, through to after the birth, and considerations around breastfeeding and caring for a new-born. It will be of benefit to potential mums and dads.

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