Drugs and Complementary Therapies

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There is no cure for arthritis but most people will take some kind of arthritis medication to help reduce pain and keep their disease under control. An increasing number are also turning to complementary therapies to relieve their pain even further and improve their mobility, confidence and overall well-being.

Finding the balance of arthritis medication that works best for you isn’t always easy, but this booklet is a good starting point. Whether you want to know more about your current medication or treatment, or whether you want to explore others, this short guide will give you the key facts about some of the main drugs and therapies which can benefit people with arthritis. 

In this booklet you will find:

  • Drugs (Drug groups, What types of drugs are available and how do they work)
  • Safety checklist (Things to remember about taking drugs safely)
  • Drugs in detail (A guide to some of the most commonly prescribed medicines)
  • Complementary therapies (What are complementary therapies and why do people use them?
  • Safety checklist (Key points for reliable and safe treatment)
  • Therapies in detail (Finding a complementary therapy which might help you)

Download full booklet here

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