10 Steps to Easier Living with Arthritis

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Arthritis is a very common condition in Ireland affecting people of all ages and from all walks of life. Its symptoms often have a big impact on the daily lives of people. Although arthritis can be difficult to live with, there are many simple measures that can help anyone with arthritis manage their symptoms and cope with daily life.

They rely on input from a number of people but the most important person is you - the person with arthritis.

This booklet will put you on the path to managing your arthritis by taking an active role in understanding and treating your condition. By doing this, you will experience less pain and stay more active than those who feel there is nothing they can do.

The 10 key steps listed on the next page form a simple-to-follow check list for living well with arthritis. Read the rest of the information in this booklet to find out more about each of the steps - and good luck on your journey to better living!

Step 1: Take control by knowing your disease

Step 2: Don’t delay, see your doctor

Step 3: Work with your healthcare team and be an important part of it

Step 4: Know about your treatment options

Step 5: Find new ways to stay active

Step 6: Learn techniques to help manage your pain

Step 7: Acknowledge your feelings and seek support

Step 8: Make food choices that count

Step 9: Balance your life

Step 10: Make contact with Arthritis Ireland

Download full booklet here

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