The Story

Stories count. They help us understand the world. They show the good and the bad, and they introduce us to life. Sometimes the stories are shocking, sometimes uplifting. And sometimes they help us understand. They help us recognise the truth. The truth about arthritis.

The truth that arthritis affects nearly 1 in 5 people living in Ireland. That arthritis limits their mobility, their ability. That brings with it chronic, enduring pain.

And the truth that it can be fought. That arthritis can be beaten back. That we can take control, and we can make it much less relevant.

We need to share our stories. Our stories that illustrate this, that explain living with arthritis. About taking control of our arthritis. About pushing arthritis back. We'll share these stories here, from this webpage, and in our new community publication - The Story.

Stories about how we are living well with arthritis.

To read some of our stories click here

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