Living with inflammatory arthritis - my personal journey

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Are you living with inflammatory arthritis?

Are you currently taking methotrexate?

Would you like to share your personal story with others?

Then, we would like to hear from you!


Arthritis Ireland, in partnership with Nordic Pharma, are developing a book of personal stories in relation to living with inflammatory arthritis.

We would like to invite you to tell us about your experiences under the theme of:

“Living with inflammatory arthritis – my personal journey”


You might find the following useful to help you write your story:

  • What was life like before your diagnosis? What were you working at? What hobbies or pursuits featured in your life?
  • When were you diagnosed? At what age?
  • What was your diagnosis?
  • What symptoms had you experienced in the run up to your diagnosis? What impact did they have on your life?
  • What treatments have you been prescribed and how did you experience them? What impact did they have?
  • Outline your experience of using methotrexate
  • What changes, if any, did you have to make in your life because of your diagnosis?
  • What is life like now?
  • What is the one piece of advice you would give to a newly diagnosed person?



If you would like your story to be published, please submit an essay not exceeding 2 pages (A4) to with “My personal journey with inflammatory arthritis” in the subject box of the email.


Please note that entries submitted must contain the following:

  • Email address/contact telephone number of author
  • Portrait picture of the author in high resolution
  • At least 2 or more personal photographs in high resolution of author related to his/her life and the theme. All pictures need to have captions explaining the content of the pictures
  • 2-3 short paragraphs of information about the author including: age, profession, family, home town, hobbies
  • Permission from the author of the essay to be published


Download: Living with inflammatory arthritis - my personal journey guidelines

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