Taking on a Challenge. For Arthritis Ireland

"My kind of strength may not be your kind of strength, but make no mistake: I am strong"

Attribution: Emm Roy

People do all sorts of things for charity these days. They run marathons, (mini ones and multiple ones); jump out of planes; Walk long distances, or cycle even further. Or they organise groups and get togethers. 

They undertake such challenges because they are difficult, and they want to achieve, to do something special.

And they want to make a difference. Sometimes they want to prove what is possible, and sometimes to highlight the impact, or to support a loved one or friend.
At Arthritis Ireland we are honoured by the courageous, motivated people who undertake such adventures to help us change life with arthritis. Who run and walk, who swim and climb, who jump and fall, and who marshall their friends and networks to push our cause forward.
We try to help where we can, and get out of the way where we need to.
And we highlight, and share and celebrate these brave, kind, and dedicated champions and challengers.
Some of their stories are here.

Are you a champion, a challenger? Can we add yours?
Ronan's Story: Kayaking the Shannon
Alan & Nathalie: 36 kms - cross country - in one day!
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