National Arthritis Week 20-26 April 2020

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In 2020, National Arthritis Week (NAW) takes place from 20-26 April. The theme of the week is ‘Movement is the best medicine’, which looks to underscore the importance of physical activity for joint health. While the major focus will be on physical activity for people with arthritis, the campaign will also highlight the importance of exercise and movement as a preventative measure.

Physical activity is proven to be a vital part of managing arthritis. As well as reducing pain and inflammation, keeping active improves joint support and lubrication, helps with weight control and has many other health benefits.


National Arthritis Week 2020 will create awareness and understanding around the importance of physical activity in managing arthritis, to launch the movement is the best medicine campaign, to provide people with information and exercise resources, and ultimately to change people’s behaviour and get people with arthritis moving. 

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National Arthritis Week 2020 is kindly supported by MSD and Novartis.

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