Stephen Roche I've decided to take on the 30 in 30 challenge because I would like to give back to an organisation that's given so much since I've gotten Oestoarthritis, especially the Kerry Branch of Arthritis.

I got involved with the KBAI through various means, including aqua jogging classes, 'Step to the Beat'and mobility classes in the gym. I've made some great friends there (even though most of them are a lot older than me as I'm only 25). The hardest part is to talk about your condition, which I encourage you to do so.

So, I will be doing hoping to complete the challenge by doing a variety of walking with my lovely companion Jasmine (who you can see in the photo) and playing tennis (my play has become quite limited to just hitting a ball with a few steps here and there, but I found a partner who understands).

Keep an eye out as I go through the various stages of my challenge and hope you donate along the way.

Any and every donation will help me reach my goal, by giving back to someone who has helped me with my confidence. Thank you for supporting my fundraiser.

Stephen Roche