I was diagnosed with arthritis a year ago; I remember the days when I thought this meant the end of everything. That I won't be able to exercise, walk or bend my hand. I felt alone; I didn't know what to do. I searched so many websites, and most of them scared me with severe diagnoses and a tremendous amount of information. I was lucky I found the website and Facebook page of Arthritis Ireland. The website provided me with many sources and reassurance, which helped me a lot in the beginning. They were one of the reasons I didn't give up.

It's important not to give up, and we know some days can be horrible that you aren't able to move or even "to breathe" is making you tired. But that's okay! The days will pass, and there will be days when you can keep going. And that's what I'm doing now; I keep going, and I want the others to keep going with me. Remember, you aren't in this alone.

Lucie Nechalova