Lilly Garrett I have chosen to take on the 30 in 30 challenge this June for Arthritis Ireland, as I have lived with osteoarthritis since I was in my 40's. I am hoping to complete 300km in 30 days. Because of arthritis I have had multiple surgeries; on my knees, elbows, back, shoulders and pelvis. My daughter was diagnosed with OA at just 23 year's old. I hope that by taking on this challenge I can help raise funds to enable more research into Osteoarthritis its causes and how its debilitating consequences can be slowed down or halted.

I hope that you'll consider contributing as a way of supporting further research, and raising much needed funds for those living with arthritis in Ireland. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

I have included information about Arthritis Ireland below.

To ensure that every person living with arthritis in Ireland is supported to live a full and active life, having access to appropriate health services and treatments. We work to ensure an enhanced quality of life for people living with arthritis, minimizing the devastating effects that arthritis can have on lives.

Thank you for supporting my fundraiser.

04/06/20 10km 11/06/20 11.2km
05/06/20 10km 12/06/20 13.2km
06/06/20 12km. 13/06/20 10.6km
07/06/20 12.6km 14/06/20 10.2km
08/06/20 13.6km 15/06/20 11.58km
09/06/20 10.5km 16/06/20 11.22km
10/06/20 13.5km 17/06/20 13.36km

18/06/20 11.32km 25/06/20 11.63km
19/06/20 13.75km 26/06/20 13.25km
20/06/20 11.5km 27/06/20 10.25km
21/06/20 10.68km 28/06/20 6.30km
22/06/20 11.04km 29/06/20 11.98km
23/06/20 10.86km 30/06/20 7.5km
24/06/20 11.8km

305.42km in total, delighted I completed this challenge and a huge thank you to all who contributed.
Lilly Garrett