This is a free Autogenic Training webinar with Orla Coffey. 

Date: Monday 1st November, 7-8 p.m. 

Autogenic Training is a doctor-developed program described as being the best and quickest route to a very deep state of relaxation that the Western World knows. Once learned and practiced at home for 15-45 mins per day for 10 weeks, you know the entire system and it's yours for life.

In the workshop, attendees will learn about Autogenic Training and participants will learn to manipulate stress in simple ways.

We will discuss stress, its winding up power and the effect it has on living with arthritis.

We will then talk about de-escalating stress - igniting the relaxation response and participants will learn a few very simple ways of doing exactly that.

The aim of workshop is to inform and to empower. Simple, practical, repeatable mental exercises strengthening the relaxation response and releasing some emotional build-up are key. These elements are inherent components of Autogenic Training.

For this, it's best if participants are in comfortable clothing, have pen and paper and be ideally distraction-free. Phones, social media off etc., 1 hour focus only for themselves is perfect.

Please click on the link below to book your place and register for the webinar. Booking is essential.  

**Due to grant restrictions, this webinar is open to people living in Co. Mayo living with arthritis and related conditions.  

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If you would like to learn more about autogenic training teacher, Orla Coffey please click on link below

If any participant has any questions, they are more than welcome to email [email protected]

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